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With traffic to worry about and time you can’t waste, car rental is the solution to traveling easy around Metro Manila. By having your own transportation, self-driven or  with driver, getting around is one less thing to worry about during your stay.

For out-of-town and longer travels, rent a car in Manila so you can plan your own route and destination. In addition, finding a car rental agency in the capital is convenient in its own way. You can use it to get around before or after your trip, and returning it will be easier.

Our simple, straightforward, and affordable car rental in Manila enables us to provide vehicles per day, per week, and per month with minimal stipulations.

Come to for premium car rental service in Manila. Tell us when you’re visiting the Philippines, and what kind of car you need.

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Our dedication to our customers makes stand out among car rental companies in Manila.

Car Rental at Your Convenience will send your car of choice anywhere in Metro Manila or to any point in the country. We will also pick up the car wherever it’s most convenient for you.

Various Car Types for Rent

We have every car for every need. Our fleet features sleek sedans for executives, people carriers for big groups, compact cars for city cruising, and SUVs with enough space for friends, family — plus, the family pet.

Choose Self Drive or With Driver

At your request, we can send a car for you to drive or with a driver who will take you anywhere.

Fast Car Rental Transaction

Your car will be there when you need it. We will process each rental request immediately to ensure you get the vehicle as soon as possible. Review our requirements for necessary preconditions and documents.

Short and Long Term Car Rental Period

We can accommodate daily, weekly, and monthly arrangements. Whether you see yourself staying indefinitely, for a definite period, or you just want a car on-call, count on us. Our car rental agency is flexible to your needs.

Affordable Car Rentals offers you the excellent alternative to relying on ride-hailing services. We offer car rentals at reasonable costs.

Our Services

Drive Yourself Around

Self Drive

Choosing the self-drive option means you can get around the city or drive to places outside the Metro at your convenience. We have a range of cars for hire, so you’re free to select the type of vehicle that you’re comfortable to drive.

Car Rental with Driver

With Driver

Our car rental with driver service is suitable when the destination is more important than the drive. Your car will come with its own driver from day one, who is highly trained, courteous, and punctual.

Driving Requirements for Visitors

You must hold a valid driver’s license to be able to drive in the Philippines. You don’t need to apply for a special permit to drive, your license from your own country is good for 90 days of driving. It must also be in English, so drop by the local embassy of your issuing country to get an official translation of your license.

If your stay will exceed 90 days, you must apply for a local driver’s license at the Land Transportation Office (LTO). You will need:

  • 1


  • 2

    Visa and Alien Certificate

  • 3


  • 4

    Medical Certificate

  • 5


car rental requirements

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Choose Your Rental Car


Compact Car

Tourists love to rent our compact cars. Choose from a wide selection, including the Toyota Corolla, Ford Focus, Honda Civic, Chevy Cruze, and Mazda 3.


Our selection of compact cars, which includes the Ford Focus, Honda Civic, and Mazda 3, are stylish and perfect for city driving. If your stay calls for travels exclusively in Metro Manila, these cars are built for no-stress driving during the early and rush hours in the city.



Looking for an affordable car rental for a family trip? An SUV rental is your best bet, for maximum cabin and luggage space.


Our SUVs are ideal for out-of-town trips for mid-sized groups. There is sufficient cabin and luggage space to accommodate the needs of multiple people, and fuel efficiency to take you on long travels without having to constantly refuel.



Sedans are great for executives who need luxury and comfort. Options include the Honda Accord and Ford Fusion.


Luxury and comfort are the top qualities of our sedan cars. The Honda Accord and Ford Fusion both have plush interiors and technological features in spades to accommodate your needs. With your own driver, our sedans become a mobile office where you can accomplish tasks on the go.



During company outings, a van for rent is your hassle-free way to enjoy the trip, with even more room for people and cargo. Great for long drives, too!


If you’re taking a large group around the city or for a vacation trip, our people carriers have space for all the human and physical cargo you require. When inquiring for vans, let our car rental company know how many passengers, so we can recommend the vehicle that you need.

Check Our Car Rental Rates


Our car rental per day is ideal for short-term stays. You get to keep the cost at a minimum and pay only for days you need the car. Email us today for a free quote.



Weekly rental is a good option for when you need the car all the time. Rather than relying on hailing a taxi right off the street, you’ll always have transportation for the duration of your stay. For a free quote, send us an email.



Long-term rentals get special rates, and the full convenience of having the car whenever you need it. Email us about monthly rental fees.

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