How Much Are We Losing from the Regular Manila Traffic Jam?

Anyone living in Metro Manila understands that, when going out, a big part of planning our schedule depends on adjusting to the traffic. What should be a 15-minute drive along one long road is actually an hour-long drive, much longer if you are driving on a rush hour with pouring rains.

It is frustrating and takes time, but is time all we are losing? According to the latest news, it is more than that. Given that the alternatives are just as inconvenient, people have opted to rent a car in Manila as a solution to get anywhere without the frustration and inconvenience of driving around the city. Apart from your time, here is everything else you could be losing because of the traffic problem.

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Productivity Costs

The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) revealed early this year that the country is losing billions daily due to traffic congestion. The amount had gone up to Php 3.5 billion (approximately $65.6 million) in 2018 from Php 2.4 billion ($45 million) four years ago. The study takes into account lost income opportunities around Metro Manila.

The government’s solution to the problem is to roll out 75 infrastructure projects as part of its “Build, Build, Build” plan. However, since many of these are still in their early stages of construction, drivers will have to brave the sea of vehicles, pedestrians, and open construction projects on the road.

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Fuel Costs

As of this writing, the average cost of gasoline rose to approximately Php 54.93 ($1.03). Even if your car is running at an optimal level and promises gasoline savings, you are burning expensive fuel every time you are stuck on the road.

As Metro Manila has the third worst traffic situation in Southeast Asia, drivers spend an extra 66 minutes stuck in a traffic jam. That is a lot of fuel you are burning just being stationary in the road.

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Inconvenient Alternatives

Because of the traffic, people who are driving are turning to alternatives -- none of which are that convenient or cost-efficient, though. On the one hand, Metro Manila is plagued with taxi schemes that try to charge riders higher than usual. On the other hand, ride-sharing apps are there to provide drivers, but there is no assurance you will get a ride right away (if at all), and the price can surge to high amounts during rush hours.

For worst-case scenarios, people can opt to live closer and avoid the need to drive to work or school. However, housing near business districts may have high prices that go beyond one’s average daily expenses.

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Apart from time lost in traffic, driving around Metro Manila involves losing money and opportunities you can use for something more productive. While infrastructure in the area still has a long way to go, the best solution would be to take alternate routes that not many people know, or you can plan your travel time so that you don't get stuck with peak hour commuters.

Moving around Metro Manila will always entail some form of traffic problem, so why not opt to travel without the hassle of being behind the wheel? At, we provide courteous and punctual drivers who will get you where you need to go on time. Our drivers know the roads and can bring you to your destination safely and promptly.

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