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A Space for Everyone — and Everything


When you absolutely must bring everyone and everything, rent a van in Manila. A van ensures that you don’t leave anything and anyone behind. Our people carriers provide convenience, comfort, and practicality — wherever you’re headed.


Fuel economy

Our vans run on diesel, so you don’t have to worry about running out of fuel even after a long drive. It’s also much cheaper to refill diesel vehicles, meaning that you’ll have less to spend just to keep the car going. So, a van hire in Manila, Philippines is not just affordable for its initial rate, but it’s also more economical to use for as long as you need it.


Suitable for Business and Regular Use

Modern vans aren’t big moving forts anymore, but proper cars with proper engines. They are well built, comfortable, and can be used regularly. Whether you’re planning for long trips or wanting to cruise around the city with your friends or colleagues, a van is now the primary mode of transportation.

Ideal for family trips

Families will find it better to rent a car rather than take a chance on public transportation when going on a vacation. It’s much safer; you’re more in control of the drive, and you’re not rushing to be on time for the return trip.

vans for rent in manila
hyundai and toyota vans for rent

Our Vans

Our fleet of vans for rent in Manila feature: the Hyundai Starex, a Toyota HiAce and Toyota Grandia, and a Toyota HiAce Commuter.


Hyundai Starex

The Starex is the premier van for Filipinos and foreigners. It’s well-equipped, well-built, and luxurious to an extent. If you can spare a little bit of luggage space for ample seating and some style, Hyundai’s people carrier is your top option.


Toyota HiAce and Grandia

These two are the same models, but with different features. The HiAce is the basic model, but it comes with all you need from a van: space, equipment, and a diesel tank. The Grandia is the better-equipped version.


Toyota HiAce Commuter

You get more seats in the HiAce Commuter, which can take up to 18 people per trip.


For affordable van-for-rent service in Manila, email us today at And get to your destinations easily, safely — comfortably.

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Van Rentals for Every Need

Our van hire services in Manila are for everyone. Whether you’re here for a visit, need a large vehicle for your colleagues, or plan to take your family out, we can help. Let us know what you need, and we’ll arrange it as soon as possible.

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Why Choose

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    Affordable Van Rentals

    Our vans are the excellent options to relying on ride-hailing services. And that’s why we offer van rentals at a reasonable price for all our customers.

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    Fast Transactions

    We want to give you an answer to your inquiry as soon as possible. And rental requests, rest assured that we will finalize the deals fast, so you know when you’ll have the van and where you need to pick it up.

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    Multiple Vans for Rent

    We have enough units to send to all our customers. If all the vans are out, we can give you a timeline on when you can rent it or provide an alternative among our other rental cars.

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    24/7 Support

    We’re always on-call to answer your every need. If it’s an extra car or a better unit, just let us know and we’ll find a solution quickly.

Car Rental Rates


Daily bookings will help you keep the costs down, and would be a better arrangement if you’re not using the car daily. Email us for a free quote.



Weekly rentals are good if you’re busy during business days, and you’re bringing a group along. It’s easier and more convenient than hailing taxis.



Place an early request for a van rental in Manila, Philippines for your long-term visit, so you don’t waste money on other vehicles or take a chance on hailing taxis. With a van from day one of your visit, you can come and go as you please.

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