Terms and Conditions:

I. Payment Terms

For every car rental, a P5,000 deposit is required prior to the release of each car. The deposit is refundable on the day the car is returned. In case of damage not chargeable to insurance, the penalties will be deducted from the deposit.

II. Cancellation

In case of a cancellation, the renter must inform Rent Car Manila 2 days before the scheduled rental date. Failure to do so allows the company to charge 50% of the total rental as a cancellation penalty.

III. Excess Hours

In a renter fails to return the car at the agreed time, the company charges a per-hour extension fee of P250 per hour during the first day. Failure to return the vehicle the following day will add a penalty based on the daily rate on top of the accumulated excess hours incurred.

IV. Rental Extension

The renter may choose to extend his rental before or during the scheduled rental. Rental extensions of up to six hours require full-day payment.

V. No Communication

Should the renter fail to return the car at the specified time without advice or communication with the company, the missing vehicle will automatically be reported to the authorities.

VI. Requirements for Renter-Driven Cars

  • Passport (to be kept by company for the duration of the rental)
  • Latest proof of billing (original copy) in the name of the renter
  • Lease of contract if the renter is leasing
  • Drivers License local/international
  • Valid ID with photo such as SSS, GSIS, PRC, company ID
  • For Resident Aliens – Alien certification Registration Card for company’s safekeeping
  • For Bulk Rentals by Companies – Rental request from the company, signed by an authorized representative

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