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As a provider of SUV rentals in Manila, we try to give you everything you want. We offer affordable rentals, a smooth transaction, and 24/7 customer support. On top of that, we offer a variety of SUVs for you to choose from.

Model: Honda CR-V
Capacity: 5 Persons
Luggage: 3 Bags
Transmission: AT

Honda CR-V

Model: Montero Sport
Capacity: 5 Persons
Luggage: 3 Bags
Transmission: AT

Mitsubishi Montero Sport

Model: Toyota Avanza
Capacity: 5 Persons
Luggage: 3 Bags
Transmission: AT

Toyota Avanza

Model: Toyota Fortuner
Capacity: 5 Persons
Luggage: 3 Bags
Transmission: AT

Toyota Fortuner

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Why an SUV Is Ideal for You makes SUV rental in Manila easy and accessible. Before you send us a rental request, however, figure out if it is the right type of vehicle that you need. As such, here are a few factors which will indicate if an SUV is ideal for you.

Seating and Hauling Versatility

An SUV is bigger than compact cars but is smaller than vans. It is large enough to carry 6-8 passengers and to store your luggage in the back. It also has a pulling power that results in impressive performance on the road. This type of vehicle, therefore, allows you to drive comfortably around the metro or go on a weekend road trip.

Off-Highway Performance

The best way to test the performance of a vehicle is to go down roads less traveled. Our fleet of SUVs allows you to cruise comfortably down highways. More than that, however, our vehicles enable you to go down rocky and muddy terrain without any problem. So, if you expect to face challenging road conditions, maybe an SUV is the right vehicle for you.

Fuel Efficiency

Many people want to drive an SUV not only because it is comfortable and reliable. They like the vehicle for its fuel-efficient options. Current SUV models can go far without constantly emptying the fuel tank. In other words, you can go on concrete adventures and nature trips without worrying about fuel costs and running out of gas.

Driving Pleasure

Finally, an SUV may be the ideal vehicle for you if you are looking for driving pleasure. Some people think it is bulky; some people think it is difficult to maneuver. These assumptions couldn’t be further from the truth, though, because car engineers and manufacturers have made these vehicles easy to operate.

If you think an SUV is the right option for your driving needs, let us know and we’ll arrange an affordable rental for you. We can accommodate your special requests to make your chosen vehicle suitable for all your requirements and preferences.

SUV rental manila


We make SUV rental in Manila very accessible to you; our booking process is simple. Book the car and, the moment we process your information, we can arrange for you to pick the vehicle up at a given location within the metro. The return process is pretty much the same. Just let us know the most convenient location for you.

Send us an email at to make a rental request. We will confirm it in the soonest possible time.


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