Rent an Affordable Van in Manila

EXPLORE OUR RELIABLE VANS FOR RENT is the company of choice for a van rental in Manila, Philippines. We give you access to a selection that includes the Hyundai Starex, Toyota Innova, Toyota Hi-Ace, and Nissan Urvan Escapade. Large and spacious, each van can seat a large group and take them on a comfortable ride to any destination in Luzon.

You can choose the van that suits your needs, preferences, and budget range. Check our vans today.

Model: Hyundai Starex
Capacity: 10 Persons
Luggage: 5 Bags
Transmission: AT

Hyundai Starex

Model: Toyota Innova
Capacity: 8 Persons
Luggage: 4 Bags
Transmission: AT

white toyota innova

Model: Toyota Hi-Ace
Capacity: 15 Persons
Luggage: 7 Bags
Transmission: AT

Black Toyota Hi Ace

Model: Nissan Urvan Escapade
Capacity: 12 Persons
Luggage: 7 Bags
Transmission: AT

white nissan urvan escapade

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Why Rent a Van for Travel?

Traveling with a large group? Explore our vans for rent in Manila or any point in Luzon. offers a wide selection of vans that can sit everyone in your party comfortably.


A large seating capacity is what sets our vans apart from the rest of our rental vehicles. They can seat up to 15 passengers who won’t feel cramped or squeezed at all. They’re the ideal ride for a happy bunch going to a family vacation, an out-of-town trip, or a road trip with friends.

They’re also great for corporate services, such as sending off a delegation for a business conference or driving the department to the team building site. Vans can also transport students, parents, and coaches to an inter-school contest or sports competition.

There’s room for luggage, too. Your clothes, picnic food, sports equipment, and other items would fit snugly into the vehicle.

Fuel Efficiency and Reliability

Our vans run on diesel, so you’d spend less money on fuel without worrying that it’ll run out after a long drive. Additionally, traveling in one, large van is more fuel-efficient and affordable than traveling in several, smaller cars. Vans are also great to have on long-haul trips; they’re designed for large groups and extended drives.’s van rentals come at affordable prices. We offer daily, weekly, and monthly rentals. We also welcome custom arrangements.

vans for rent in manila
Road Going Outside Manila City offers convenient rental van booking services. Check our booking process today.


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