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The Advantages of a Self-Drive Car Rental

If you don’t want to own a car but need convenient means of transportation, a self-drive car for rent in Manila is the best option for you. With a car rental, you can drive yourself or your party to any location as you please. Here are the advantages of a self-drive car rental:

Privacy – Some clients prefer the privacy granted by a self-drive car. You can savor the alone time because the car becomes your personal space. Additionally, you can make a family gathering or a get-together with your friends more intimate. Your party can talk freely and follow through with spur-of-the-moment plans during the trip.

Savings – It’s generally less expensive to book a self-drive car than one that comes with a driver because you don’t have to pay for the driver’s services. This is ideal if you’re looking to cut costs for your trip.

Freedom – It’s more flexible to go to various places if you drive a rental car. You can change your plans at the last minute without worrying that you’re inconveniencing the driver. It’s also a way to experience the city and discover its hidden gems on your own.

When you turn to us for self-drive car rentals, here are a few things we offer:

  • Our vehicles are in great working condition
  • Our cars are available for daily, weekly, and monthly rentals
  • You can pick up the car at your preferred location

Enjoy the privacy, savings, and freedom when you rent a self-drive car for rent in Manila. Contact our team today for inquiries.

rentcarmanila's staff delivering the rental car
self drive car rental


It can be difficult to navigate the roads of the Metro when you’re not familiar with the routes and the way Filipinos drive. So, here are some tips to keep in mind when you rent a self-drive car in Manila, Philippines.

Stick to these rules when driving a self-drive rental car in Manila. Contact today for inquiries.


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