Ten Ways to Save on Car Rentals in Manila

If you’re planning to explore the National Capital Region, it’s better to rent a car. In Metro Manila, car rentals serve as an ideal option for transportation. You can get to any city anytime. You can also drive a variety of cars to meet your lifestyle or need for comfort. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about expenses because there are ways for you to cut back on the cost.

It’s better to shop around and compare the prices early on to find the best car deals. A bit of online research and price comparisons can save you some money.

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1. Check the Rates

Third-party travel websites can offer price cuts. You can, however, find the best price directly on the car rental’s site.

In doing so, you may even stumble upon an exclusive online discount or a coupon when you book directly on the website. It’s worth your while to look around.


2. Hunt for Discounts

Ask the car rental agency if they offer any discount. Your bank or credit card may be offering discounts with certain car rental companies, too. That can maybe save you a certain amount from the company’s listed price. Some of the organizations you belong to may offer discounts to rental agencies.


3. Daily Rates vs Weekly Rates

You acquire the best value for your money when you rent a car on a weekly basis. Some car rentals charge a weekly rate. It helps to bargain for the latter than the company’s daily rate.

You could get a cheaper rate on a weekend. Our tip though: rent longer to save more money.


4. Avoid Airport Car Rentals

Rental companies with airport locations charge a daily airport tax if you pick up your car at the airport. The price of airport car rentals can be double the agency’s rate; an agency that’s just a few kilometers outside the airport. In some cases, convenience can be expensive.

5. Reserve the Smallest Car If Possible

Driving a compact car may not be part of what most travelers want during a vacation. But if your car rental is a small operation, you might score a free upgrade. These smaller facilities carry only a few compact cars.

You may move up to two categories without the additional charge. It pays to be polite and ask the car rental agency what upgrades they have available.

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6. Double-Check the Rental Fee

Hidden fees and taxes can add up fast. This is why it’s better to understand what you’re paying for in your rental agreement. There are car agencies that include a charge to fill up your vehicle once you return it. Return the car with a filled up gas tank to avoid this fee. A small saving can lead to a bigger one.

Other hiddend fees could include extras like GPS and child safety seats, cleaning fee, out-of-town charge, and waiting time fee (if you choose a service that comes with a driver). There is also the damage fee, which is why we recommend you take photos of the vehicle, from all sides, before accepting it. The images will serve as proof of the car's condition.


7. Say No to the Insurance

Turning down a rental company’s insurance offers is common among most budget travelers. There is, however, a lot of pressure to persuade minds over the rental counter. Many companies turn insurance fees to their big profits.

Prepare for some clerks well-trained to change the minds of drivers who decline the offer. Unless you plan to do some Mission Impossible-level driving, the odds are slim that you will need any of this coverage, anyway.


8. Pick Up and Drop Off the Car at the Same Place

If you have your car picked up from one place and dropped off at another location, it could cost more money. You can avoid the extra pickup and drop off fees. Simply pick up and drop off the car at the same location to avoid additional charges.

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9. Go Local

International car rental chains tend to have higher rates. In comparison, local agencies offer friendlier prices — for the same makes and models.


10. Choose the Right Vehicle

It’s tempting to reserve a luxury sedan, with a driver. But if your needs call for an SUV and self-drive is ideal, then you’ll want to stick to your requirements. It’ll save you on the cost of a rental.


Car rental prices could be high or low. Our tips will help you navigate Metro Manila without having an all-too-expensive rental car.

You can choose a car that suits your taste, defines your style, and provides your needs from our wide variety of vehicles. Our compact cars, sedans, SUVs, and vans are available for rent on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. There’s no need to worry about your budget because our vehicles come with affordable rental fees.




We can help you with the transportation you need or want. Feel free to contact us today to find out more about our rates.

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