Renting A Car In Metro Manila: A Cost-Efficient Option

Metro Manila is one of the busiest and most diverse cities in Southeast Asia. But with a population of over 15 million, Metro Manila can also get congested. In fact, a recent survey ranked Metro Manila in the top 10 of cities with the worst traffic jams in Asia, placing below Jakarta.

Although traffic jams are unavoidable in any major city, it’s an inconvenience that can ruin a vacation. To compensate for a developing public transportation system, expensive ridesharing options, and hard-to-get taxis, car rental services in Manila have started offering rental vehicles to passengers.

Foreigners Using Car Rental Services in Manila

Car rental is an idea that is only recently starting to catch on in Metro Manila. More and more people are realizing the cost-efficiency, convenience, and reliability of rental cars, as opposed to other transportation options.

Car rental services offer two types of driving setups: self-drive, and car rental with driver. Self-drive allows passengers to rent a vehicle and drive it themselves, giving them the freedom to come and go whenever and wherever they please. Car rentals with a driver, on the other hand, are perfect for those who want to relax and unwind and be unburdened from the stress of driving.

Car rentals offer people the convenience of having a car, but with fewer responsibilities that car owners deal with; among these, regular maintenance and paying for an annual insurance coverage. The service also offers people a chance to take control of their time, rather than being reliant on train schedules, or Uber availability.

There are many reasons renting a car in Metro Manila is so much more cost-efficient than other options. Read on to find out why renting a vehicle is the better choice for you.

Public Transportation can be a Hassle

Some tourists are shocked at the size of Metro Manila, and for good reason: Metro Manila is a conglomeration of 16 different cities in an area roughly the size of NYC. Despite the size, though, public infrastructure can be lacking in some parts of the metropolis.

Public transport in Metro Manila presents unique challenges for tourists. Although it is much cheaper than other options, the public transport system in the metro can be limited. While riding the buses or the MRT (the local train system) is a great way to meet locals and experience local life, it isn’t as comprehensive a system as one would like.

With, passengers can take advantage of our wide selection of compact cars for rent, perfect for a busy day in the city. Our daily rates mean that you need only pay for your vehicle on the days you need it, saving you costs down the road.

Ride-Sharing Apps are Expensive

Metro Manila is no stranger to ride-sharing apps, with ride-sharing giant Uber and the Southeast Asian equivalent Grab both operating in the city. Although convenient, the price of riding an Uber or a grab car can be expensive, especially during rush hour.

Surge rates for ride-sharing apps can go up to twice the original amount during peak times, sometimes more.  If you were staying in the metro for a substantial amount of time, this could definitely take out a large chunk out of your daily budget, hindering you from experiencing the rest of this fun and vibrant city.

When you can, it’s always best to carpool. has various types of sedans from leading manufacturers to bring you and your friends all around the metro.

Regular Taxis can be Challenging for Tourists…

Although regular taxis are relatively safe, Metro Manila is no stranger to unscrupulous drivers. There have been reports of certain taxis taking advantage of tourists, usually by claiming that their meter isn’t running and demanding an exorbitant fixed rate.

Getting reliable taxis isn’t impossible, but it can be difficult. Despite a massive crackdown by the police, overcharging taxi drivers are still around. If you are forced to take a taxi, try to get one from the local mall, as the taxis waiting in that area are monitored by local security guards and can be reported to the police for any infractions. makes it easier for passengers by offering our vehicles on a flexible basis. Take advantage of our daily, weekly, or monthly rates, which will help you keep within your budget.

…And Airport Taxis Aren’t Any Better

Airport taxis are heavily regulated and monitored by the government, which makes them much safer than regular taxis. While more reliable than regular taxis, airport taxis are also expensive, way beyond the means of most locals. But even for tourists, taking an airport taxi can mean stretching the budget for the day.

Also, airport taxis are very limited. As the name suggests, airport taxis are primarily available only at the airport and are priced at a flat rate. Airport taxis are not allowed to pick up passengers outside of the airport.

In order to make it more convenient for passengers, is available to pick you up from your location of choice. This means that you get reliable service from anywhere in the city.

There’s So Much More Beyond the Metro

Metro Manila is a vast, vibrant city with so much to offer tourists and visitors. But even with all the amazing things the metro offers, there are even more things to do and places to see right outside the city limits.

Naming all the tourist destinations that are accessible from Metro Manila can be daunting because one wouldn’t know where to start! From the beautiful mountain city of Baguio to the wonderful beaches of Batangas, these destinations are less than half a day’s travel from Metro Manila.

We have a wide selection of vehicles, from compact cars and sedans to SUVs and vans, all of which are available for rent on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. This means that you can rent a car for the sole purpose of exploring the surrounding areas of Metro Manila without worrying too much about your budget. We also offer drivers with our cars, so that you can relax while you explore the majesty of the Philippines. is one of the leading providers of vehicle solutions in Metro Manila. Our various vehicles are perfect for individuals looking for reliable, affordable, and convenient transportation in Metro Manila. Contact us today to learn more about our rates.

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