Renting a Car Helps You Make the Most Out of Your Holiday in Manila

White sand in your toes, warm, bluish-green waters, cathartic sunsets, and mouthwatering local dishes – vacations in the Philippines are always a treat for all five senses.

Before you get to the chill, relaxing parts, however, you need to get past one obstacle: Manila traffic.

According to a survey by Ford Motor Company, 3 in every 10 Filipinos dread their daily commute, and it’s not a surprise as to why. Commuters who take the MRT, for instance, endure glitches and technical issues as part of their daily commute. Taking buses and jeepneys has also become a daunting task as commuters scramble to get aboard an already-loaded ride to get to their destinations in time.

If you’re in the country for an extended holiday, the harrowing traffic situation is enough to take all the fun out of what was supposed to be an exciting holiday. Fortunately, you now have the option to rent a private car, to help make your vacation worry-free.

renting a car for travel

Here are some reasons renting a car is your best option:

You don’t have to plan around traffic

Planning out-of-town trips now involves pulling up your calendar and planning around Friday nights and payday weekends.  In fact, a survey by Rappler reveals that 44.91% of respondents factor in traffic when fixing their schedules. As roads are usually congested during paydays, weekends, or worse, payday weekends, the tendency is to just stay in or reschedule dinner and drinks out of town for another time.

Renting a car allows you to plan your itinerary and schedule, as well as make unplanned stops. Want to avoid the worse-than-usual traffic situation? You can leave at midnight. Want to wait for the number of people on the road to subside? Stop by for coffee at a popular cafe nearby.

Traveling in a private car lets you enjoy more freedom and explore more places without worrying about being stuck or pressed for time.

You don’t have to deal with overcrowded trains or jeepney rides

According to the Philippine Daily Inquirer, the MRT has broken down more than 500 times in 2017 alone. As the cabins are always overcrowded or malfunctioning, passengers always needed to be offloaded, exposing them to accident-prone situations.

Renting a car to get you around the entire duration of your vacation lets you travel in comfort, maybe even while bopping your head to a catchy tune on the radio. You can go the less-congested routes, and with help from GPS systems, you can go on independent trips without fear of getting lost.

You can spend more time with people who matter

The survey by Rappler also revealed that traffic robs people of their time they should be spending with their loved ones. Some 34% of the respondents say if they can reduce the time they spend on the road, they would spend more time with friends and family.

Holidays are about making memories with people who matter, and being stuck in traffic for hours defeats that purpose. Driving in a private car or drived by someone who is familiars with the nooks and cranny of Manila can help reduce your travel time. gives you the option to personally drive your rental car or with a driver. Our rental car services let you get to your destination and in less time, so you can make the most out of your stay in Manila.

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