What are the New Traffic Rules in Metro Manila?

driving in manila

Driving around Metro Manila in a sedan rental is OK, except for the traffic. The best thing you can do when driving around the Philippines’ most populated city is to be well-informed about the rules and regulations. The Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) rolled out new policies this year. Here’s what you need to know. Driver-Only Cars…

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Driving in Manila? Here’s How to Prepare Yourself

rush hour

Driving around Metro Manila? You’ll have to gear up; the capital’s roads aren’t an easy drive. Just last year, the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) recorded more than 91,000 traffic sign violations and more than 73,000 obstruction violations. Moreover, highways can’t handle the sheer volume of cars so people spend an average of 66 minutes in gridlock every day.…

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Getting Stuck in Traffic Every Day is Costing You Money

Traffic Jam in the Metro

The daily traffic in Metro Manila has grown to such proportions that it’s desensitized commuters. It’s now such a major part of people’s lives that most no longer bat an eyelash when EDSA begins to resemble a parking lot or when lines at bus stops have gone around two blocks — twice.   Just because…

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