Ten Ways to Save on Car Rentals in Manila

Metro Manila

If you’re planning to explore the National Capital Region, it’s better to rent a car. In Metro Manila, car rentals serve as an ideal option for transportation. You can get to any city anytime. You can also drive a variety of cars to meet your lifestyle or need for comfort. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about…

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Renting A Car In Metro Manila: A Cost-Efficient Option

Foreigners Using Car Rental Services in Manila

Metro Manila is one of the busiest and most diverse cities in Southeast Asia. But with a population of over 15 million, Metro Manila can also get congested. In fact, a recent survey ranked Metro Manila in the top 10 of cities with the worst traffic jams in Asia, placing below Jakarta. Although traffic jams…

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A Comparison of the Car Rental Agencies in Manila

car rental manila

You typically have very few transportation options when visiting Manila as a tourist. Although public transportation is accessible, they are not the most convenient — crowded buses and trains, expensive taxis, dilapidated jeepneys. Riding them may dampen your travel experience in the city.  If you want to make the most of your trip in the capital, having a private vehicle…

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We Asked Expats: What’s the Best Car to Rent In Manila?

self driven car rental in manila

Metro Manila’s transportation landscape fits the Philippines’ reputation as a developing country. Public transportation is getting more organized because of new rules regarding loading and unloading stops. The modes of transportation, however, remains the same, with buses, taxis, and jeepneys (the famous Humvee-looking multi-passenger vehicle). Ride-sharing has also become popular for many commuters, although a takeover…

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Getting Stuck in Traffic Every Day is Costing You Money

Traffic Jam in the Metro

The daily traffic in Metro Manila has grown to such proportions that it’s desensitized commuters. It’s now such a major part of people’s lives that most no longer bat an eyelash when EDSA begins to resemble a parking lot or when lines at bus stops have gone around two blocks — twice.   Just because…

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