We Asked Expats: What’s the Best Car to Rent In Manila?

Metro Manila’s transportation landscape fits the Philippines’ reputation as a developing country. Public transportation is getting more organized because of new rules regarding loading and unloading stops. The modes of transportation, however, remains the same, with buses, taxis, and jeepneys (the famous Humvee-looking multi-passenger vehicle). Ride-sharing has also become popular for many commuters, although a takeover of Uber might see a shift in that perception.

This is why self-drive car rentals are becoming the choice for people visiting the country. RentCarManila.com is one of the few rental agencies that’s ready to provide you with the right vehicle, for whichever option suits you: self-drive or with a professional driver.

To help you decide, we asked 10 foreign residents and visitors about what car would they would choose if they had seven-days in the country.

Expat using a rented car in Manila

Here’s what they had to say:

When You Have Extended Families

Chris is 40, British, and has been living in the Philippines for some time now.

“I usually rent something big, like a Ford Explorer when I’m out with my family. There are cheaper options available, so it’s probably just preference that I choose that car. But for space, I go with the one that’s got the biggest luggage and people space. Usually, it’s the Toyota Hiace.”

When You Visit Constantly

Steven is from New Zealand. He’s 37, and he visits the Philippines occasionally for work.

“It’s usually just me who’s in the country, unless some friends come over from New Zealand to live with me for a while. A small car is enough for me, but I choose the newer hatchbacks with a bigger fuel tank so I don’t stop to refuel too often. With friends, I look for an available Vios.”

For First Timers

Mats is German. He chose the Philippines as his first country to visit in Asia because a lot more people speak English here.

“What do you think? Of course, German cars! I’m just more familiar with them, and really, I’m more comfortable. If there’s a Volkswagen here, I’ll go for that. Volkswagen cars are typically cheap to run. Maybe I’ll try American cars. But who knows!”

For Drivers Who Prefer a Certain Car

Sylvia is American. She’s 30, and a businesswoman who has relatives living in the Philippines

“I only rent sedans. That’s my car back in the States, and that’s what I’m comfortable driving. I’ve been here a week, and all I’ve driven is a Toyota Vios. It’s cheap to rent, cheap to run, and so easy to drive. But I’m here alone, so that’s probably why I don’t need a bigger car.”

For Professionals Here on Business

Amit is 43, and Indian. His company sends him overseas on a business trip.

“Since I’m on a business visit, I’ll probably choose something discreet and dark. I know that BMW cars are nice to drive, so if my budget permits it, a 5 series is a good choice. A 7 series maybe if I have people with me.”

What If You’re Not Used to Driving?

Jean is 33. He’s French, and he’s an aspiring chef wanting to learn other cuisines.“As a Parisian, I didn’t think I would need a car. After three days here, and waving for taxis that never stop, I decided to rent something. A small car, so to be economic, and it was so easy to get around then. I don’t have time to go out of town. But now I think I know very well how Filipinos cook their food.”

What If You Live Here?

Miles is 31. She’s Irish and is a call center manager who’s been living in the Philippines for a few years.

“I only rent when I go out of town, and I usually get a big SUV to bring all my things with me. But I can’t imagine renting a big car in the city here. It would be so wasteful!”

Jason is 29, Chinese, and works at a gaming company in Makati.

“If for work, I’d just rent a small car. Which I did, the moment I got here because it’ll be much easier to go to restaurants or get around to different places. I have a lot of friends here, but I never need anything bigger.”

For One-Time Business and City Visits

Paul is 38. He’s an SEO agency owner who has occasional visits in the Philippines.

“If I’m with myself, using ride-share is probably the easiest option. But if I’m with my business partners, having a car makes a world of difference. We’ve taken a couple of long drives, and not hopping from bus to bus, which is how you travel here, really made our stay a lot easier.”

Karl, 40, Austrian, Teaching German in Makati

“If I have a busy week, I would rent a car. I don’t want to lose time waiting for taxi drivers or pay exuberant fees on Uber. Whether I’m here or in Cebu, I just rent a car because it’s easier. I calculated it, and it’s even cheaper than taking a few ride-shares per day.”

In Manila, when you’re in control of your time, it’s a lot easier to travel and to appreciate what the city offers when you have a car at your disposal. And with our wide range of cars, options for self-drive or with driver, and pickup locations of your choice, we’ve made car rental services in Manila easier.

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